I updated my texlive (for windows) and I have now a problem when I load hindi and greek languages. Everything worked fine a few days ago. I have the latest version of alternative4ht when i write this. I compile the following file from michal-h21 @michal.h21 and sty file of alternative4ht.

I keep compiling make4ht -ul hello.tex and the results is that I have the words Greek Hindi at the top my .html. the document seems fine. My pdf compiles finely with lualatex.

I put my log here http://pastebin.com/sUgz1psG


  \setmainfont{TeX Gyre Termes}


\section{Hello world}

\subsection{Hello, hello}

Over \textit{twenty years} ago, \textbf{introduced} the first
double auction mechanism.

  • Please copy the log into your post rather than linking to it since it is an important part of your question. – Null Feb 5 '16 at 16:36

Every language supported by Polyglossia has gloss-languagename.ldf configuration file. With altusepackage we don't load polyglossia package, but particular language config files are loaded, in order to support captions and other language dependent stuff. Becaue these config files may contain any macros defined by polyglossia, we must declare them in the polyglossia-alt4ht.sty. The most common macros are included already, but some less common don't. They have to be defined if they are used in some language config files. It seems that this is the case with some macros used in Greek and Hindi config files. I've added them right now, so the solution is to update helpers4ht

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