I'm trying to use the solution given by the accepted answer in

How to have \psframe working with LuaLatex?

but I don't know how to enable the option --shell-escape there.

Overleaf explains that it has a configuration file called latexmk, but I don't understand a single line of it:


I'm sorry if this is considered a technical support question. If I don't find a fast answer here, I'm going to contact Overleaf, but maybe this question helps somebody else here someday.


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According to this blog post, it should be possible to upload a latexmkrc file to your project and surprisingly even shell-escape seems to be allowed. I haven't tested it, but something like this should work:

$pdflatex = 'lualatex %O %S --shell-escape';
$pdf_mode = 1;
$postscript_mode = $dvi_mode = 0;

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