The first image is what I have at the moment, the second image is what I would like to get. As you can see, in the second image the formula font size is a little bit bigger than in the first image. I would like to make all the formulas font size a little bit bigger. I tried using, as suggested here, \DeclareMathSizes{14}{15}{7}{7} (note that in beamer I am using 14pt as font size) but it did not produce any effect.

\renewcommand{\sfdefault}{phv} %change font

complesso: $\alpha=\alpha_{r}+i\alpha_{i}$


enter image description here

enter image description here


In your linked question Yiannis writes:

When using the \DeclareMathSizes the first parameter for the text font must be exactly what is used in the class declaration. For example with Beamer rather declare \documentclass[10pt]{beamer}, otherwise the command will appear as it is not working.

That is not a hundred percent correct. You have to use the font size you actually use at the moment. You can output it in the log with


and in your MWE this shows

> \f@size=macro:

So the beamer option 14pt uses actually a 14.4pt font size and you have to use




that it works.

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