In some work connected with the discussion Glossaries with entrycounter true only for one glossary I create a glossary which is sorted by some words and its synonyms, in two columns, using the package fmultico, used for Right-to-left languages. When I print the glossary I obtain the columns numbered in the leftmatgin for the two columns, but I want it in the rightmargin there. How can I put the entrynumber on the left margin for the left column, and on the rightmargin for the right column?

Other thing. For the non-numbered entries, I want the column in the same width of the title of the glossary. How can I control this width ?

Here is the file used:


\geometry{paperwidth=165mm, paperheight=140mm, top=5mm, bottom=5mm}

%%Glossary of footnotes
\newglossary[soc]{Dico}{sox}{soo}{The title of the glossary}

    description={\begin{tabular}{p{2 cm}p{2 cm}}
        \hspace*{-6pt}#1 &\hfill #2\hspace*{-6pt}\\
                \end{tabular}}  }

%% The link of the \gls commands

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  END GLOSSARIES COMMANDS

The word word1\gls{word1}

The word word2\gls{word2}

The word word3\gls{word3}

The word word4\gls{word4}

Non-numbered entries with the option `entrycounter=false`


and the glossary produced:

enter image description here

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