I use report class, I create appendix in LyX :

  1. The definition of the appendix has been defined from the LyX menu Document->Start Appendix Here

  2. The contents of Appendices are listed in a separate List of Appendices. The List of Appendices page is defined by tocloft command, in the LaTeX preamble:

    \newlistof{appendices}{loa}{DAFTAR LAMPIRAN}

  3. The format setting of the heading is consistent with LOF and LOT. These four lines must be written in the LaTeX preamble:

    Lampiran\phantom{No.Lampiran}\hfill Halaman}

In order to print the chapter headings in List of Appendices, right after the appendix definition (from the menu Document->Start Appendix Here), LaTeX commands are inserted : This is simply copied from book.cls then changed toc to loa.

\def\@chapter[#1]#2{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne

To prevent section headings of the appendices printed in TOC, minitoc command is used. The package minitoc must be called in the preamble \usepackage{minitoc}. And The following command is then inserted right after the appendix definition :


the problems are : I get the loa as printed :

a word "BAB" printed as \cftchappresnum loa=DAFTAR LAMPIRAN

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