I'm doing my first bibliography and I'm getting errors for one hour now. The .tex file :



 notre âme. \cite{ref1}

And the bib :

  title = {Manuel d’Épictète}
  author = {Arrien}
  publisher = {Wikisource \url{https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Manuel_d>%E2%80>>%99%C3%89pict%C3%A8te_(trad._Thurot)#I._Distinction_entre_ce_qui_d.C3.A9pend_de_nous_et_ce_
  note = {Traduit par Jean-François Thurot} 
  year = {1889}

Could you please help me to deal with this problem ? Thank you.

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    have you tried writing the comas after title, author and note? as you have done after publisher?
    – richpiana
    Feb 8, 2016 at 15:22

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There are several errors in your code.

  1. LaTeX needs a command to know where it should print the bibliography, based on your cited books, articles etc.
  2. Your bib file has some errors. I corrected them in my following MWE (please see the added commas and the usage of field url).
  3. You are using encoding utf-8. That's the reason I used package biblatex and program biber to create the bibliography, because biber can handle utf-8, bibtex not.

MWE, compiling without errors:

  author    = {Goossens, Michel and Mittelbach, Frank and 
               Samarin, Alexander},
  title     = {The LaTeX Companion},
  edition   = {1},
  publisher = {Addison-Wesley},
  location  = {Reading, Mass.},
  year      = {1994},
  title     = {The Restaurant at the End of the Universe},
  author    = {Douglas Adams},
  series    = {The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy},
  publisher = {Pan Macmillan},
  year      = {1980},
  author  = {Albert Einstein},
  title   = {{Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper}. ({German}) 
             [{On} the electrodynamics of moving bodies]},
  journal = {Annalen der Physik},
  volume  = {322},
  number  = {10},
  pages   = {891--921},
  year    = {1905},
  DOI     = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/andp.19053221004},
  title     = {Manuel d’Épictète},
  author    = {Arrien},
  publisher = {Wikisource},
  url       = {https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Manuel_d>%E2%80>>%99%C3%89pict%C3%A8te_(trad._Thurot)#I._Distinction_entre_ce_qui_d.C3.A9pend_de_nous_et_ce_
  note      = {Traduit par Jean-François Thurot}, 
  year      = {1889},



\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}    %

\usepackage[hyphens]{url} %  <==========================================

  backend=biber, % bibtex  % bibtex or biber (prefered)
  sorting=none  % none, nty % no sorting or standard sorting
]{biblatex} %  <========================================================
\addbibresource{\jobname.bib} % calls bib file to create the bibliography

We first cite Albert Einstein~\cite{einstein}, second~\cite{adams} and 
third the \LaTeX{} Companian~\cite{goossens}.

 notre âme. \cite{ref1}


and the resulting bibliography:

resulting bibliography

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