How do I

  1. remove the additional space around \underbrace
  2. justify the text under it, if the latter is longer than the text above it?

To illustrate the issue:




\underbrace{a+b}_{\text{a long blah blah blah}}+c

% using the technique of 
% https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/24912/remove-additional-space-around-underbrace  
\underbracewithoutspace{a+b}{\text{a long blah blah blah}}+c


The first line (plain \underbrace) tries to center the text under the brace, while the second version (taken from this question: Remove additional space around \underbrace{…}) puts the brace under the wrong symbol.


\underbracewithoutspace{a+b}{\undertab{a long\\ blah\\ blah}}+c

I wouldn't look for justification in such narrow columns.

  • Thanks! What I'm after is not justification per se, it's correct positioning of the text/formula under the brace if it's longer than what's above it. As a more minor issue: is there a way of aligning what's above the brace with what's below it? In this example, I'm after aligning the a in the 'a long ' with the a in the formula.
    – Zhenya
    Sep 22 '11 at 19:26

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