I'm wondering if there is any way to add new syntax highlighting patterns to TeXmaker.

I've been using TeXworks for years and I love that special characters $ & { [ etc. are highlighted differently form everything else. The rest of the Texworks editor is a little minimalist though and I've been thinking of changing to a more feature rich editor. In particular, I like the "structure" and code folding that TeXmaker offers.

In Texworks you can define custom syntax patterns by editing the syntax-patterns.tex file. Is there a similar thing hidden in TeXmaker somewhere? I've obviously found the custom syntax colouring menu in Preferences > colour but this has a very prescriptive set of categories with no option to highlight custom strings differently.

Alternatively, does anybody know of another editor which offers customisable or TeXworks-style syntax highlighting and code folding.

Failing that, TeXmaker is open source right? Does anybody know about how syntax highlighting is taken care of? Perhaps I could hack a solution implementing customisable syntax highlighting for TeXmaker.


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I suggest you have a look at TexStudio. It's a feature rich fork of TeXmaker and has an extended syntax highlighting with more options than TeXmaker. It also has a custom highlighting section in the options, note that this is an unfinished feature though. But probably it will do the trick for you.

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