I am currently writing a larger document with multiple people. For grading purposes we need to specify one author per chapter/section/...

However, I would like to keep the real ToC clutter free, and thought about adding a second ToC at the end of the document, that would then have the author information as well.

The first idea was to use something like

\chapter[Chapter 1 {\normalfont\small\itshape The Author}]{Chapter 1}

This works, but oviously adds the "short" version to both ToCs. Is there a flag to ignore the short version, or any other solution for this problem?


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The code below uses etoc only to allow multiple uses of \tableofcontents. Other classes (like, e.g., memoir) allow it directly contrarily to report.


\usepackage{etoc}% only so far to enable multiple uses of "\tableofcontents"
% maybe the document class already allows it.

\DeclareRobustCommand*\AUTHOR [1]{}
\newcommand\SHOWAUTHORS {%
\DeclareRobustCommand*\AUTHOR [1]{{\normalfont\small\itshape ##1}}}



\chapter[Chapter 1 \AUTHOR{The Author}]{Chapter 1}

\chapter[Chapter 2 \AUTHOR{The Other Author}]{Chapter 2}

\chapter[Chapter 3 \AUTHOR{Again The First Author}]{Chapter 3}


First TOC:


Second TOC:


  • simple, easy to understand solution that does exactly what I needed - perfect! thank you
    – fsperrle
    Commented Feb 13, 2016 at 8:16

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