I have a document with a structure:

+-- main.tex
+-- style.sty
+-- fonts
|   +-- times.tff
+-- sections
|   +-- section1.tex
|   +-- section2.tex

Main file main.tex includes section files via subfiles package.

Now I want to use my "times.tff" font in the document. So I include this part to my style:


And everything is working well, but only if I compile document from the main. If I want to compile only section 1, then I get an error: fontspec error: "font-not-found". This is because font path for section 1 will be different from the main.

How can I set the path so that I could compile from the sections?


save the font file into your systems font directory or in TeX's font directory: TEXMF/fonts/truetype/ For the latter run texhash of update the file name data base for a MikTeX distribution. Then you do not need to specify a path.

  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it is not possible to install a font in any folders other than given. – Serbin Feb 12 '16 at 18:46
  • 2
    You have at least a home (user) directory where you can create a texmf directory and then create `fonts/truetype/times.ttf`` – user2478 Feb 12 '16 at 18:51

On a Unix-like system (all I know) you could create symlinks "fonts" to the top level "fonts/" repertory which is referred to by the main document. This could work. Untested due to absence of MWE.

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