I want to install a new package to my Tex environment, as an example Colortbl from CTAN.

The issue is I am behind a firewall at my company so I cannot download it through my tex environment.

Going to CTAN I get a zip file with:

  • colortbl.dtx
  • colortbl.ins
  • colortbl.pdf
  • colortbl-DE.pdf
  • colortbl-DE.tex

How do I get the needed .sty file?


After it is downloaded unpack it to where you want either in the tex root folder:


Where you create the folder colortbl, or unpack it within the folder with your .tex files for the specific project where you want to use colortbl.

For Windows open cmd, in the folder where the unpacked files are and type:

pdflatex colortbl.ins

it will then generate the .sty file that you need.

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    For small packages that is okay, but for large packages where the files must then moved to various folders it can get tiring. I would download the package files from the tex environment and create a local repository. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 15 '16 at 11:27
  • @UlrikeFischer I completely agree, I just had terrible issues with the firewall and adiministrator rights on the PC. This was the only solution I could come up with unfortunately – JTIM Feb 15 '16 at 11:45

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