I would like to change the style of individual lines in an algorithm. For example, I'd like surround key line numbers with a box, color them, or otherwise distinguish them.

It is possible to change the style of all the line numbers with algorithm2e, as detailed here (and in the manual): Algorithm2e modify line numbers

Is there a way to modify the style of an arbitrary subset of the lines?

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    From what I remember from the answer to this question, it's not really easy… But you could try to build on that! – Vser Feb 15 '16 at 19:20

Building on this answer this answer, this can be accomplished by updating the \alglinenumber command, as follows. This isn't yet an optimal solution, as demonstrated by the last line.


\newcommand{\StateRed}[1]{\algrenewcommand{\alglinenumber}[1]{\footnotesize\textcolor{red}{##1}:}\State #1}
\newcommand{\StateBlack}[1]{\algrenewcommand{\alglinenumber}[1]{\footnotesize##1:}\State #1}

  \StateRed $x = 1$
  \StateBlack $y = 2$
  \StateRed $ z = 3$
  \State you probably didn't want this to be red!

enter image description here

This also doesn't work perfectly when adding annotations of non-zero width to the line numbers, as the spacing is affected when going from line 9 to 10 (and presumably 99 to 100, though I have not checked).

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