Following up on Footnote in environment as parallel, I am trying to typeset footnotes using the parallel package but with the [p] (Pages) environment, which prints the parallel texts on facing pages.

I would like each footnote to appear on the same page as the footnote mark.

However, using \footnote{} places the footnote after the parallel environment ends (as the documentation warns), which turns out to be the top of the following page.

Using a \footnotetext{} after the parallel texts but still within the parallel environment places the footnote in the footer of the preceding page.



{To be, or not to be\footnote{(A) footnote appears on next page}}
{To be, or not to be\footnotemark}
\footnotetext{(B) footnote appears on preceding page}


In either case, the footnote is printed on a different page than the footnote mark. Is there a workaround to place a footnote at the bottom of the same page as the footnote mark?

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    paracol package may be better.
    – touhami
    Feb 15 '16 at 21:19

I was able to achieve the desired output of typesetting footnotes for parallel texts, following the suggestion to use the paracol package instead.

For the configuration that best matches parallel package with the [p] option for multiple pages, consult the paracol documentation section 9.2, "Non-Paired Parallel-Paging". Example follows.


{\begin{paracol}[1]*{2} % two columns, one per page, non-paired


~ \clearpage % clearing the page so the first column starts on verso

{To be, or not to be\footnote{(A) footnote}}
{To be, or not to be}


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