How can I generate a list of all installed LaTeX packages, classes, and fonts on the command line with MikTeX? Raw output is fine for my use case.

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If you have not installed tools like grep on your windows computer (they are not installed with windows) you can use the old ms-dos pipe to create a file test.txt containing all installed packages with MiKTeX.

Use on your console/terminal:

mpm --list >test.txt

--list creates the list of installed packages, > directs the output in the file named afterwards test.txt.

If you have installed cygwin or other programs containing the unix-like tools like grep etc. you can use them of course. My solution is working with "pure" windows ...


I am using MiKTeX 21.2 on Win 10. The previous command did not work for me. However, a similar command did. Specifically, starting miktex console and then clicking on the packages tab, displayed a long list with dates marked for those packages that have been installed. Strictly, speaking that list does not answer the original question. I have a hunch that it would not be hard to write a macro that would select those items on the list that have a date next to them. But this is only a hunch. Please let me know.

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  • A surprising problem in programming is that it's annoyingly difficult to transform text on your screen to text in a file. MikTeX is pulling that information from somewhere; and it will be much easier to figure out where that information is than to parse a GUI.
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