The LuaLaTeX code...



...results in an extra space after the slash. How can I avoid it?


Your system is not really up-to-date. There is probably a spurious space in one of the gloss-files, but in newer system it is gone.

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Because I currently use the version of TexLive found in cygwin, which is apparently not current enough, and don't have the tlmgr command available, I hunted down the spurious space.

It's in /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/polyglossia/gloss-german.ldf, in six different invocations of \xpg@set@language@luatex@ii, for example:

(line 225)        \xpg@set@language@luatex@ii{ngerman}

End these lines with % signs and the problem disappears.

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