The first time I typeset this I get ?? for the \ref. The second time, it is blank. I am using TeXShop. I set out to make an example that uses biblatex to get a list of references for each chapter and another list at the end of the book. It makes the reference lists OK, but not the \ref marks. What is wrong?


 \chapter{First chapter}\label{ch01}
 Some text \citep{Duffie:96}.
 Refer to \ref{ch01:sec01} of chapter \ref{ch01}.

 \chapter{Second chapter}
 Some text\autocite{Eason1999}. 
 Remember section \ref{ch01:sec01} of chapter \ref{ch01} down here.

This,\autocite{hashemian} should be a side note but not this \citep{hashemian}.


Here is references.bib:

%% This BibTeX bibliography file was created using BibDesk.
%% http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/

%% Created for Sam Cox at 2016-02-17 17:46:29 -0500 

%% Saved with string encoding Unicode (UTF-8) 

    Address = {Princeton, NJ 08540},
    Author = {Duffie, J. Darrell},
    Date-Added = {2016-02-17 22:36:09 +0000},
    Date-Modified = {2016-02-17 22:36:09 +0000},
    Edition = {2nd},
    Publisher = {Princeton University Press},
    Title = {Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory},
    Year = {1996}}

    Author = {Eason, Stephen W. and Hirst, Brian L. and Vukelic, Milan},
    Date-Added = {2016-02-17 22:35:52 +0000},
    Date-Modified = {2016-02-17 22:35:52 +0000},
    Journal = {Record of the Society of Actuaries},
    Number = {3},
    Pages = {1--20},
    Title = {Security Blanket for Life (and Health)},
    Volume = {25},
    Year = {1999}}

    Address = {Great Britain},
    Author = {Childs, Peter R N},
    Edition = {1},
    Isbn = {0 7506 5080 X},
    Publisher = {Butterworth - Heinemann},
    Title = {Practical Temperature Measurement},
    Year = {2001}}

    Author = {Hashemian, Hashem Mehrdad},
    School = {{The University of Western Ontario}},
    Title = {Measurements of dynamic temperatures and pressures in nuclear power plants},
    Type = {PhD {T}hesis},
    Year = {2011}}

The chapter and section headings are unnumbered in the tufte-book document class. Since \ref wants to print the chapter/section number and can't find it, it complains in the log file:

Package hyperref Warning: Suppressing empty link on input line 18.

If you turn on the chapter and section numbering (by adding \setcounter{secnumdepth}{1} to the preamble of your document), it should fix the problem.

Note, however, that the headings in the tufte-book aren't designed to print the numbering nicely by default, so you may need to fiddle with the formatting a little bit.

As an alternative, you might consider using \nameref instead of \ref to print the name of the chapter/section instead of the number.

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  • Thank you. That solved the problem. I am using \setcounter. – Sam Cox Feb 19 '16 at 15:47
  • 2
    +1 for the \nameref suggestion. Just what I needed to know. – twip Oct 3 '16 at 15:36

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