I have a problem regarding to my resume alignment. I want to show my address at top left of the CV and at top right show my photo. Here is a code snippet:

\thispagestyle{empty} % this page has no header  
\name{john smith\\[12pt]}
        \address{{\bf Permanent Address} \\ lablab12, 12345\\
 somewhere, Europe\\ Tel:(+9) 1238421\\Email :abc@abc.co}     

P.S: as a trick, to show the photo under my name I used \address command, but the photo again appears in this form:

enter image description here

As you can see photo appears on top of the address and not aligned to address.


From what you've shown there is no need for using the (archaic) res document class. However, if you insist, I'd suggest not using the title-related macros for setting that part of your document. Just set them as-is:

enter image description here




\thispagestyle{empty} % this page has no header  

  \bfseries John Smith

  \bfseries Permanent Address \\
  lablab12, 12345 \\
  somewhere, Europe \\
  Tel:(+9) 1238421 \\
  Email :abc@abc.co


Some content here.



The address is set inside a [t]op-aligned tabular, with the photo pushed to the right (using \hfill). adjustbox's export option makes options available to graphicx's \includegraphics command. As such, the image is also aligned vertically to the top of the image via valign=t.

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