I am writing a thesis. There is one main tex file


and there are multiple folders, each one including a tex file and a bib file to constitute one chapter of my thesis:

Folder_1: Chapter_1.tex Bib_1.bib

Folder_2: Chapter_2.tex Bib_2.bib

At the end of thesis.tex file I add the following line

\bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{Folder_1/Bib_1, Folder_2/Bib_2}

First issue is that, only the content of Bib_1 is shown up in references of my thesis.

Second issue is that all the bibtex items in Bib_1 file are shown in the reference of my thesis, whether that bibtex item is cited or not cited in my thesis.

How can I resolve the above issues.

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For the first issue, there should be no space between the file names, see https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/91655/16895.

For the second issue, if you want to list all records in your bibliography you can include \nocite{*} somewhere in your document.

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