Bonjour ! I want to highlight PovRay code with minted but I don't get any result ! PovRay is in the list of pygments language supported, and I run my file with -enable -write18 in windows vista 64 bit (MiKTeX 2.9). With C,C++,Python,... no problem

Any advice ?

I get error (screenshot):

enter image description here


\documentclass[12 pt,a4 paper]{article}



camera { 
location <-3,7,-15>
look_at <0,1,0>

 light_source {
rgb <1,1,0.1>
plane {
pigment {   rgb <1,1,1>}


The Pygments lexer list gives pov as the short name for the PovrayLexer. Switching to \begin{minted}{pov}... should give you what you want.

  • Thank you, I compile with pov as you have write me without success ! – Haouam Feb 21 '16 at 17:32

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