I inserted an image inside an ordered lists like

      1. Separate the samples 
           (figure 1 )
      2. Clean the samples as shown in (cross-ref of figure 1).

I labeled the image as \label{fig:1} and then, I used \ref{fig:1} to make a cross-reference.

But it shows ...as shown in 1 (which is from 1. Separate the sample). How do I refer to figure 1 not 1?

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    Welcome! Did you add the \caption before the \label inside the figure environment? Please provide a proper minimal document rather than pseudo-code as all we can do right now is guess what's wrong. – cfr Feb 22 '16 at 3:31

Impossible to say what's wrong without a minimal example, but the usual code would be something like this:

      \item\label{enum:something}Something (see \ref{fig:stuff}
       \item\label{enum:somethingelse}Something else

Note that \caption must come before \label in the figure environment.

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I think you've simply missed writing 'Figure' before your \ref command. Your code should be:

Clean the samples as shown in Figure~\ref{fig:1}.

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