I'm searching for a citation style. I'm using biblatex and I want the following citation using the first letters of the last name and the year of publishing:

  • For only one author the reference should consider the first three letters and the year like: [Lot08] for the name Loth and the year 2008.

  • For more than one author the reference should look like this [BMCW12] which contains the first letters of the lastname of the authors (Becker, Meier, Conrady, Wolf) and the year.

I know this is very similar to the alphabetic style but I don't want to get the plus inside the cite like [BMC+12]. In addition I want to fix the number of letters to 4 even if there are more authors.

Is there such a citation style available or do I have to adjust the alphabetic style?

  • Have you looked at the package biblatex-trad that emulates the abbrev style?
    – Denis
    Commented Feb 23, 2016 at 11:55

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You can customise the alphabetic label style quite heavily with \DeclareLabelalphaTemplate (see §4.5.4 Labels, pp. 163-169 of the biblatex manual). In your case that is not necessary, however.

You only need the add the two options

maxalphanames=4, minalphanames=4

to your biblatex call to get the number of names as desired.

And then


gets rid of the "+" that shows that authors have been omitted.





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