I having some trouble with the text not beeing at the top inside the tabular when i add the image to the column beside it... I've tried to use wrapfigure, mixing with multirows and multicolumns and I've searched and searched both here and on the forum...

 1 & Name & Comb.   \\
 & \blindtext &  \begin{figure}{[!]\includegraphics[width=5cm]{figure/final_folder_graphic.png}
 \end{figure} \\ \hline
 2 & Name & Comb.   \\
 & \blindtext & 
 \\ \hline


current behaviour desired behaviour

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Don't use the figure environment, as such a figure doesn't float. Just


See, if this can help you:


\usepackage{lipsum}% for dummy text

\usepackage[active,floats,tightpage]{preview}% to show table only

text    &   text        \\
        &   \vskip-2pt
            \lipsum[2]  \\

enter image description here

Since you didn't provide a MWE, I use some my old similar table. This solution work in any type of table environment. For aligning is essential adjustbox package.

Sno & Name & Comb.   \\
1& \vspace{-4.5cm}{ \lipsum[1] }&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{albt.png}}\\ 
2& \vspace{-4.5cm}{ \lipsum[1] }&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{ \includegraphics[width=5cm]{albt.png}}\\

When use booktabs vertical lines are not used. However, for display purpose I have used.


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