I have the problem that my output pdf has the wrong margin between left and right. you can see it in the pic below: enter image description here

The problem is, I need the opposite way. left have to be wide and right narrow. How can I change this?

Here is a configuration of the template:

%%% Paper size
   a4paper, % Andere a0paper, a1paper, a2paper, a3paper, , a5paper, a6paper,
            % b0paper, b1paper, b2paper, b3paper, b4paper, b5paper, b6paper
            % letterpaper, executivepaper, legalpaper
   portrait,    % Hochformat
   lines=45,       % enables users to specify \textheight by the number of lines
   ignoreall,     % sets both ignoreheadfoot and ignoremp to true
   heightrounded, % This option rounds \textheight to n-times (n: an integer) of \baselineskip
   twoside,       % switches on twoside mode with left and right margins swapped on verso pages.
   bindingoffset=5mm,  % removes a specified space for binding
   marginparwidth=0pt, % width of the marginal notes
   textwidth=400pt,   % sets \textwidth directly

and I'm found a definition of typearea what is used automatically:

\KOMAoptions{% (most options are for package typearea)
   twoside=true, % two side layout (alternating margins, standard in books)
   twocolumn=false, % (true)
   parskip=half+,% false(default=1em indent),full[-+*], half[-+*]
   cleardoublepage=empty %plain, headings
  • Do you really need the opposite way? This is the normal layout in two-sid option, since when you open a book, the right margin of the even page and the left margin of the odd page add up to a double blank space. That said, if you really want it the way you describe, use the geometry package. – Bernard Feb 26 '16 at 19:10
  • @Bernard The normal way is to start with the right page. That means you need on the left side more margin, right? – yuro Feb 26 '16 at 19:23
  • @Bernard In my case, when I open the thesis the titlepage has a smaller margin on the left but it has to be on the right smaller. – yuro Feb 26 '16 at 19:26
  • you can try \geometry{...,inner=5cm,outer=2cm} or \geometry{...,hmarginratio=3:1} – touhami Feb 26 '16 at 19:39
  • That makes sense. Maybe you need equal margins for the title page, rather than smaller right margin (unless some weird specification from your university requires that). Anyway, this is easy with geometry: simply use \newgeometry{leftmargin=…,rightmargin=…} before your titlepage, and \restoregeometry afterwards. – Bernard Feb 26 '16 at 19:39

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