I am creating a a0 size poster in a0poster class. Is it possible to change the color of itemize block? I can change the textcolor line by line, but not the bullets:

%what I can do
  \item \textcolor{green}{pros is green color}
  \item \textcolor{red}{cons in rec dolor}

%what I want
  \item whole block with bullets will be green
  \item including all the itemes inside this block

You can define specialised lists with enumitem:


\setlist[prositemize]{label=\textbullet, before=\color{DarkSeaGreen3}\sffamily}
\setlist[consitemize]{label=\textbullet, before=\color{IndianRed2}\sffamily}


  \item pros is green color
  \item icons in red color


enter image description here

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