What is the best way to make the red text fit the width of the merged cells/rows and automatically break the line instead of causing overflow to the next cell and cells content ?

PS: I never used package tabularx.

enter image description here


\multirow{2}*{\textcolor{red}{this is a long text long}} & \multirow{2}*{here is a text} & \multirow{2}*{\textcolor{red}{this is a long text long}} & \multicolumn{2}{c|}{text}\\
  &   &   & \textcolor{green}{it works here text} & here is a text\\
\multirow{3}*{text} & \multirow{3}*{\textcolor{red}{this is a long text long long}} &  \textcolor{green}{split like this long text } & \multirow{3}*{text} & \multirow{3}*{text}\\

  &   &   text & \\
  &   &   text & \\

The code follows: How do i get a table with this layout?

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    you need to specify a width not * for multirow so it uses p column formatting Feb 29, 2016 at 11:28

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As David Carlisle said in his comment, instead * you need to declare width of column, for example for multirow in the first column:

\multirow{2}{2.5cm}{this is a long text long}

With this corection you will obtain:

enter image description here

The last vertical line is missed because you has in the last two rows only 3 ampersands instead four. By the way, LaTeX use decimal point, not comma.

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