I want to write equation below in LaTex:
enter image description here

I wrote it :

r_{i,j}=min\lbrace\vert x_{i,j}$\bigotimes$ K_{p} \vert \: p=1 to 4\rbrace\;          

but it giving error.
Please give suggestion to write it correctly.

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    Hello there, welcome to the site! This is really nothing to do with biblatex or TeXmaker, so I've modified your tags a little. You can just have \{ and \} for \lbrace and \rbrace and you should consider \min. Anyway your main problem is with $ ... $ Your whole equation should be in math mode one way or another (probably easiest to have $ ... $ around the whole equation) because many of these commands can only be used in math mode. You shouldn't then have $ ... $ just around \bigotimes especially if you're in a math mode environment like equation – Au101 Mar 1 '16 at 6:54

The entire expression, and not just the \otimes term, must be in math mode:

$r_{i,j}=\min \lbrace\vert x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \vert : p=1,\dots, 4 \rbrace$

Note that I would use \otimes, not \bigotimes. And, do write \min rather than just min.

Addendum: If you wanted to give more visual prominence to the curly braces that enclose the material to the right of the = symbol, you could enlarge them a bit via \bigl and \bigr modifiers:

$r_{i,j}=\min \bigl\lbrace\vert x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \vert : p=1,\dots, 4 \bigr\rbrace$

$r_{i,j}=\min \bigl\lbrace\vert x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \vert : p=1,\dots, 4 \bigr\rbrace$

  • why not also use \lvert and \rvert? – barbara beeton Mar 1 '16 at 20:00
  • @barbarabeeton -- ... because the OP didn't indicate whether or not the amsmath package was in use. :-) And, for the equation at hand, it turns out that there's no difference in output. That's why I left it at \vert. – Mico Mar 1 '16 at 20:11

    $r_{i,j}=\min\big\{\big| x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \big| : p=1,\dots, 4\big\}$   


enter image description here


Well, IMHO I would code the formula as follows:

\( r_{i,j}=\min
  \bigl\{\lvert x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \rvert : p=1,\dots,4\bigr\} \)

(I am assuming that the amsmath package is being used, of course). But I noticed that in picture you posted the “min” operator is followed by a thin space; this can be obtained by writing

\( r_{i,j}=\min\,
  \bigl\{\lvert x_{i,j}\otimes K_{p} \rvert : p=1,\dots,4\bigr\} \)

But I do not recommend doing so.

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