I am working through the "The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2ε" by Oetiker et al.

It contains dozens of references to a so-called "Local Guide", that would clarify some more system-specific questions (typically exactly the stuff that I get stuck with). The reference reads:

Each LATEX installation should provide a so-called LATEX Local Guide, which explains the things that are special to the local system. It should be contained in a file called local.tex. Unfortunately, some lazy sysops do not provide such a document. In this case, go and ask your local LATEX guru for help.

Now, I am my own "sysop", and I installed TexLive using apt-get on Linux Mint 17.3.

Searching Google for the latex local guide with my setting didn't bring anything useful up. I also searched my system with find / -name 'local.tex' 2>/dev/null with no result.

Where can I find this file?

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    The idea of a 'local guide' mainly comes from the time when TeX would be installed on a multi-user system with an administrator. Nowadays most installations look very similar (on Linux a version of TeX Live). Perhaps you might edit in what exactly it is you are after and we might eb able to help more precisely.
    – Joseph Wright
    Mar 1, 2016 at 11:14

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Since you are using texlive then effectively the "local guide" is the texlive manual which you can get by

texdoc texlive

or online (for tl2014)


  • Ok, I see. Will work through that then, too.
    – benroth
    Mar 1, 2016 at 11:31

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