this is my first post in this forum, so please don't be too harsh if I do any mistake.

From the post of the added link in the end of my question I got the information to use

\pgfkeys{/pgf/images/include external/.code={\includegraphics{#1}}}

to enter a real draft mode for PGFPlots, which works quite nicely.

So far I couldn't find an answer on how to exit draft mode just for one figure, when I'm working on it.

Can someone help me out? I add an example on how I include my figures. I'm using tikz externalized mode. So far I've just found solutions for the graphics package as


But as I don't use this command to include my tikz figures I can't use it. Right? I've tried a couple of combinations, but it doesn't work so far.

Thanks a lot for your help!



    invoke before crossref tikzpicture={\tikzexternaldisable},
    invoke after crossref tikzpicture={\tikzexternalenable},
    \pgfkeys{/pgf/images/include external/.code={\includegraphics{#1}}}

    \tikzexternalize[prefix=3-diagrams/] % activate with a name prefix

diagram code:

            \pgfkeys{draft=false}   % this is a non-working idea of mine.. maybe someone knows the proper command to enter here?
            \pgfkeys{/pgf/images/include external/} % another non-working idea
                \addplot+ table[x=JM_070_T,y=JM_070_TOF]{hyfo_tof.dat};

Draft mode for pgfplots

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