Let's say I have an environment myenvironment and I have the following code :


I want to create an environment foo that would do the same but simply with


I know how to pass \length to foo. The problem is the command makebox (or any command that would delimit myenvironment). I attempted this naive approach :


which of course doesn't work because you can't have { and } by themselves in a block.

I found this similar question but I am not sure it applies to my problem: How to define an environment that begins with a node? . And I don't really understand the validated answer.

So how would I go about to create the environment foo ? I would prefer a solution without using the package environ. If useful for a solution, I am using the xparse and etoolbox packages.


The trick is using lrbox:


 {% start
 {% end
  • Thanks, this works and now I know how to save stuff inside boxes. Mar 5 '16 at 13:57

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