As per the Title. I am trying to use \mathspec so that I can override the default math font.

When I typeset, I am told that the various Greek letters (Gamma, Delta, etc.) have already been defined. I can hit return 11 times to get through them, but that's probably not best way to deal with it...


\setmathsfont(Digits,Latin,Greek){Asana Math}
\setallmonofonts[Scale=MatchLowercase]{Fira Mono}

Here's my test: $ \chi^2 + 27 $.
  • If I change the fonts to ones I have, then I get the same error but the error goes if I remove the [math] option, do you need that? (In general it's probably recommended to use unicode-math rather than mathspec these days.) – David Carlisle Mar 6 '16 at 18:52
  • The [math] option loads fontspec without the no-math option. I don't think you should. – egreg Mar 6 '16 at 20:33
  • Hmm, I must have misunderstood the mathspec option: [math]. I thought without that, it was using fontspec without math. It now runs for me as well and I haven't noticed any missing characters. – Pwdr Mar 7 '16 at 9:16

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