I am trying to \subimport a content.tex document into a larger thesis.tex document. All works well with importing text and tikz files, but I am getting the following error when trying to import \includegraphics{picture.png} which is called from the content.tex file.

Unable to load picture or PDF file

I've looked at a number of SO answers, but can't find anyone else who is having this problem.

I think that the problem might be coming from the fact that my \includegraphics{} call is trying to find a file that is in a different directory than that which contains my content.tex. Specifically, I use the .. convention to navigate to a different directory, i.e. \includegraphics{../../figs/picture.png}.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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\subimport doesn't update \includegraphics, and the path is relative to the master .tex rather then the nested imported file.

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