Sort of a continuation of this question: Where do the local arara rules live under windows?...

I use LaTeX on just about every computer I use, and since I am constantly bouncing between work and personal computers (windows and linux) I have to bring my TeX projects etc with me using a memory stick or dropbox. While base installs aren't usually a problem, some programs and their corresponding customization files are missing.

So, I unzip arara into a folder in my dropbox, and configure it using the great advice here: texlipse builder script configuration but it's not practical to use a texmf tree local to the miktex install or the user account of the current computer. Namely, it's a little inconvenient to have to rewrite or copy rules and files every time I switch computers.

Unfortunately when I try and add a root path to the arara rules folder I end up with a Not a TDS-compliant root directory error. I think this might be similar as well to this problem: TDS Problem - Root Direction / My Folder: C:\tex - Should work?

I have read through the documentation here: http://tug.org/tds/tds.html but I think texmf/tex isn't compatible with the folder structure of arara.

Can I do anything to add the rules folder of arara to my tex tree if it is stored on a portable media like a memory stick or a dropbox directory?


Sorry, forgot to mention that I know this worked previously... On a windows computer with arara unziped and saved here: F:\Dropbox\Personal\arara my custom arara rules were working this past summer...

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