I am recently writing my thesis.

To get nice plots I use the matlabfrag-option in Matlab to create a .tex and .eps File. With the help of \psfragfig I include the Matlab-Figure in Latex.

I use texnic center with miktex.

Sometimes I have to continue writing on a latop whicht doesn't allow some installations. Therefore I am using MikTex Portable while TeXnic Center is installed on the laptop.

While compiling I get this message:

enter image description here

The exact same code does compile perfecty fine on the laptop where both miktex and texnic center are installed. This Error does only appear while using miktex portable.

I am using this command in Texnic Center for the compiler: -max-print-line=120 -interaction=nonstopmode --enable-write18 "%wm"

Has anyone already encoutered this problem too?

I already did some testing and could reproduce this error on another laptop while switching from miktex installed to miktex portable and back.

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