I've been trying to install the font family cm-unicode on my MikTeX distribution (Windows 10). I'm new to XeLaTeX, and can't seem to find proper documentation on the installation of entire TrueType font families... The archive available on CTAN or SourceForge has many different .ttf files, and I don't know where to put them in my texmf tree.

I don't understand the INSTALL file of the archive, as it describes installation using XFree86 and GhostScript, both of which I don't know.

Could someone point me to a relevant detailed explanation of how to install a .ttf font family for XeLaTeX, and how to use it (I mean, what to pass as an argument to the fontspec \setmainfont command, being there are so many different .ttf files), or better, describe it here ? Thank you.

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You should much more simply use MiKTeX Package Manager, wait for the list of available packages to appear, select cm-unicode, right click on it and select install:

enter image description here

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