I understand from previous post that this error come when you have extra {,( involved. But in my case i am not able to find any such case.

\begin{equation}\overset{\wedge}{\pi}\left(\beta/ A_n\right) =

Can anybody point me out the error? is wrong with this? . I am getting 6 errors in this i.e.

Undefined control sequence. \sum_{\alpha\epsilonA
Missing { inserted. exp(-t){F_{\alpha_1\beta_1}^\left
Missing { inserted. ...ight)}.........{F_{\alpha_L\beta_L}^\left
You can't use `\eqno' in math mode. \end{equation}
Missing } inserted. \end{equation}
Missing } inserted. \end{equation}

You have some typing errors like \sum_{\alpha\epsilonA_n} and misplaced curly braces ... try the following:


\left(\beta/ A_n\right) =
    \sum_{\alpha\epsilon A_n}\frac{n_\alpha}{n}
    \int\exp(-t) F_{\alpha_1\beta_1}^{\left(\theta,t,n\right)} \dots F_{\alpha_L\beta_L}^{\left(\theta,t,n\right)}dt


Also see, if the \hat{\pi} or \widehat{\pi} is more situated than \overset{\wedge}{\pi}.

enter image description here

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