I have two tables which are about 40% of the page height. Both are related and should stay on the same page. Therefore I put both tables inside a minipage and made it floating.


%% get fullwidth length

%% custom floating environment
% this puts the minipage on a separate page

    1 & 2 \\
    \captionof{table}{Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.}


    1 & 2 \\
    \captionof{table}{Cras sodales pharetra ultrices. Morbi suscipit malesuada neque sit amet laoreet. See \cref{tbl:one}}


enter image description here

The only thing is I cannot get the captions to be of \marginparwidth and inside the margin directly under the table. I tried the following

% arguments:
% #1 short caption
% #2 offset
% #3 figure type (table, figure)
% #4 caption text
\RenewDocumentCommand{\captionof}{o O{0mm} m m}{%

but the label does not get resolved anymore and just shows ??.

enter image description here

I don't know if my approach is reasonable and any better solutions are welcome. I just need these two table on the same floating page such that labels get resolved.

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