As I am using KOMA it ist recommended to use the package scrlayer-scrpage instead of fancy.

Unfortunately I am encountering some problems: I am using scrbook, and the head and footer shoul look like:

  • Head separation line
  • on the left page - header: section
  • on the right page - header: chapter, BUT without "chapter" at the beginning (only the number)
  • on every page - footer: pagenumber

That's my code I am actually using:


In combination with:


But there are some bugs now I can't figure out myself:

  • the pagenumber is missing on the new page of a chapter (with and without number)
  • the chapter displayed in the header is not without "chapter" at the beginning
  • After the TOC I have created a nomenclature with acronym. Unfortunately the header still is named Table of contents. How do I tell latex to change that the chapter has changed?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Remove the line \renewcommand*{\chapterpagestyle}{empty} from your code. Then the page style on chapter pages will be plain. To get no header entries on plain pages remove the optional argument of \ohead.

I guess that option chapterprefix is used in your document. To remove "chapter" from the header redefine \chaptermarkformat


enter image description here

enter image description here

Regarding your third question: Maybe you have to use \addchap{Acronyms}. If that does not help please ask a separat question with a MWE (minimal working example) that shows the issue.

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