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Is there anyone who would like to help me draw this diagram in LaTeX? :-) I got help yesterday to draw the diagram, point and so on but I can't figure out how to draw the little boxes and the lines between points.

The code I got yesterday, and tried to edit...


 % draw axis


 % draw ticks 

 \foreach \i in {1,2,3}
 {\draw (\i,0.1)--(\i,-0.1)node[below]{$\frac{\i}{4}$};
 \draw (0.1,\i)--(-0.1,\i)node[left]{$\frac{\i}{4}$};

 % draw bullets 

 \foreach \i in {0,...,3}
 {\foreach \j in {0,...,3}
 \node[fill=black,circle,inner sep=1pt] (\i-\j) at (\i,\j) {};

 % label for bullets x and y

 \node[below right] at (2-1){$y_{j}$};
 \node[below] at (1-2){$x_{j}$}; 
 %\draw[decorate,decoration={brace,raise=3pt}](1-2)--(3-2)node[midway,above=4pt] {$|x-y|_\infty$};

 % dashed arrows


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    Do this for me question are really poor. Have you tried anything yet? Mar 16 '16 at 8:40
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    Most of that diagram was drawn for you in a different question, you could at the very least refer to that and specify what the trouble is here. Saying "I have this code which does the following, how can I extend it to do this other thing" is much better than just posting an image of what you need done. Mar 16 '16 at 8:56
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    Sorry, i'm new to this. I understand i should refer, i will do that next time.
    – Jeanett
    Mar 16 '16 at 8:57
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    You should add the code as a MWE of what you got already and revise your description and question...
    – Eric
    Mar 16 '16 at 9:23
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    I tried do add the code but i don't think i did it right because it doesn't show :/
    – Jeanett
    Mar 16 '16 at 9:53

To draw cross hatch box you can use \clip or \path[clip] inside a scope environment to limit showing diagonal lines inside a path which follows the edge of the two boxes.




 % draw axis


 % draw ticks 

 \draw (5,2pt)--(5,-2pt)node[below]{$1$};
 \draw (2pt,5)--(-2pt,5)node[left]{$1$};

 % draw bullets 

 \foreach \i in {0,...,4}
 {\foreach \j in {0,...,4}
 \node[fill=black,circle,inner sep=1pt]  at (\i,\j) {};

 % label for bullets x and y

 \node[below] at (2,1){$y_{j}$};
 \node[below] at (1,2){$x_{j}$}; 

 % cross hatch boxes

 \foreach \sh in {-4,-3.9,...,4}
 {\draw[help lines] (1,1+\sh)--(3,3+\sh);}

 \node [fill=black,circle,inner sep=1pt,label=below:$x$ ]at(1.8,2.3){};
 \node [fill=black,circle,inner sep=1pt,label=below:$y$ ]at(2.2,1.8){};

 % dashed arrows




enter image description here


A PSTricks solution:




\begin{pspicture}(-0.335,-0.415)(5.5,5.5) % frame parameters found manually
  \multido{\iA = 0+1}{5}{\multido{\iB = 0+1}{5}{\psdot(\iA,\iB)}}
 {\psset{linestyle = none, fillstyle = hlines}
 {\psset{linestyle = dashed}
  \uput[295](1.5,2){$x_{j + 1}$}
  \uput[295](2.5,1){$y_{j + 1}$}}



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