I'm quite new to LaTeX, so please take that in consideration when answering my question. Thank you.

So I want to install ans.sty, but I'm not quite sure how to do so. I'm using TexMaker and I've tried usepackage, but appearantly that doesn't work. From what I read here, I need to manually install it, but I've been unable to do so. It seems I need to find a texfm directory on my Windows, but I coudn't find it.

Thank you for your attention!


You should install ans.sty in your local TeXMF root, say TeXMFLocal\tex\latex\ans and the documentation in TeXMFLocal\doc\latex\ans. If you're under MiKTEX, you also should create the local root, with MiKTeX Settings, Roots tab, and refreshh the FNDB (File Names Data Base).


My solution only works for packages that are available in the repository: If you're using MiKTEX, you could consider using a package that is available by default, e.g. answers (it's also 20 years more recently updated, which could be a consideration). If your setup installs missing files on the fly, it will automatically install it for you. Alternatively, use the MiKTEX Package Manager to manually install and update packages.

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