I am trying to draw a multiple input - multiple output system with TiKz but I'm having several problems to get it right (lines well separated and aligned, et cetera).

I have searched for examples but I could not find anything that looks like to what I want to draw. It would be something like the following (3 inputs and 5 outputs):


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    Can you post what you've tried in the form of a Minimal (non-)Working Example? That will save us a lot of setup work to fit into your environment, and make sure we pitch the explanation at the right level. Thanks! – darthbith Mar 18 '16 at 17:19

Is this what you looking for:

enter image description here



node distance = 4mm and 22mm
\node (adc) [draw,minimum size=24mm] {ADC};
\coordinate[above left = of adc.west]   (a1);
\coordinate[below = of a1]              (a2);
\coordinate[below = of a2]              (a3);
\coordinate[above right= 8mm and 22mm of adc.east]  (b1);
\foreach \i [count=\xi from 1] in {2,...,5} 
    \coordinate[below=of b\xi]  (b\i);
\foreach \i [count=\xi from 1] in {X,Y,Z}
\draw[-latex']  (a\xi) node[left] {\i} -- (a\xi-| adc.west);
\foreach \i [count=\xi from 1] in {A,B,...,E}
    \draw[-latex'] (adc.east |- b\xi) -- (b\xi) node[right] {\i};
  • Yes, that is what I'm trying to get. – Airman01 Mar 18 '16 at 17:54

Another method

\begin{tikzpicture}[ node distance = 4mm and 22mm ]

\node (adc) [draw,minimum size=24mm] {ADC};
\path (adc.north west)--(adc.south west) foreach \j in {1,...,3} {%
   coordinate [pos=.25*\j] (y\j)};
\foreach \i/\name  in {1/X,2/Y,3/Z}  
   \draw[<-] (y\i) -- ++(-2,0) node[left] (x\i){\name};

\path (adc.north east)--(adc.south east) foreach \j in {1,...,5} {%
    coordinate [pos=1/6*\j] (z\j)};
\foreach \i/\name  in {1/A,2/B,3/C,4/D,5/E} 
    \draw[->] (z\i) -- ++(2,0) node[right] (t\i){\name};

enter image description here

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