I am trying to create a footer in an article for the first page only, while the rest of the pages are supposed to contain a header and page number at the bottom of the page. Here's the code I use:

\usepackage{cmap}                   % поиск в PDF
\usepackage{mathtext}               % русские буквы в фомулах
\usepackage[T2A]{fontenc}           % кодировка
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}         % кодировка исходного текста
\usepackage[english,russian]{babel} % локализация и переносы

% Колонтитулы
\fancyhead[R]{Д.В. Хизанишвили}
\fancyhead[L]{РАЦИО.ru 16(1)}


\setlength{\footskip}{40pt} %отступ нижнего колонтитула

\fancypagestyle{firststyle} %новый стиль
   \fancyfootoffset[R]{-12cm} %так можно регулировать ширину колонтитула
   \fancyfoot[L]{РАЦИО.ru 16(1)  \linebreak Д.В. Хизанишвили}



The result, however, doesn't meet my expectations: instead of the intended footer the first page contains the page number. Even if I am trying simply to delete page number using \thispagestyle{empty} it stays there anyway.

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    Swap the order. That is, use \maketitle \thispagestyle{firststyle}. It's possible that \maketitle issues \thispagestyle{plain} (or something similar) which overrides your setting it to firststyle. – Werner Mar 18 '16 at 17:38

\maketitle is known for setting the page style using


and therefore overrides your setting which precedes it. Swap the order to restore peace:


Alternatively, you can adjust the plain page style and not have to worry about the first page:

\pagestyle{fancy}% Set all page styles to 'fancy'
\fancypagestyle{plain}{% Overwrite 'plain' page style

\maketitle% This will override the `fancy` page style with `plain`



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