I want to prepare my CV. But when the mouse on e-mail, It will see ANTI-SPAM. On click e-mail then It works \href{mailto:[email protected]}{e-mail}. Is it possible?

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related web site : http://www.tlhiv.org/


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Example using code @Andrew Swann provided in his answer

Using the package cooltooltips:




%Provides mouse over and comment in PDF-viewer if supported    
\cooltooltip{ANTI-SPAM}{Anti-Spam Message}{mailto:<user>@<domain>.<tl>}{SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!}{Please no spam!}.

Testing the PDF has been done in SumatraPDF, PDF-XChange Editor and embedded PDF viewer. PDF was created on a Win7 machine, using MiKTeX 2.9 and TeXstudio.

First results

SumatraPDF does not seem to support the mouse over or comment tooltip, as it only showed the mail address.

PDF-XChange does show tooltip and comment, but asks to save changes to the document.

Interesting side effect experienced while testing with PDF-XChange:
While the mouse cursor hovers over the link and the tooltip is shown, I couldn't use
ALT + TAB to switch between windows.

This effect may be localized to my machine, but I think it could be seen elsewhere as well.


The PDF-Viewer has to provide the feature, else it's no use.

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