I have long equations, so I have to break them with this structure:

something = long expression1
continuation of long expression1
= long expression2
continuation of long expression2
= etc

What I want to do is to group the first two lines corresponding to expression1 and tag them together. I do this via

    something = long expression1
    continuation of long expression1

This will correctly put a tag in-between the two lines. I want to add to the environment equation the other expressions (i.e. expression2, expression3, etc.): enter image description here

This is what I attempted:

\Kam =& -\frac{1}{m}\left[\frac{q^2B^2}{4c^2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\cos Q_1 - Q_2)^2 + \frac{q^2B^2}{4c^2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\sin Q_1 - P_2)^2\right]\\
&+\frac{B^2q^2}{8mc^2}\left[\frac{c^2}{q^2B^2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\sin Q_1 + P_2)^2 + \frac{c^2}{q^2B^2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\cos Q_1 + Q_2)^2\right]\\
&+\frac{Bq}{2mc}\left[\frac{1}{\alpha}(\sqrt{2p_1}\cos Q_1 + Q_2)\frac{\alpha}{2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\cos Q_1 - Q_2) \right.\\
&\phantom{+\frac{Bq}{2mc}\left[\right.\,\,} + \left.\frac{1}{\alpha}(\sqrt{2P_1}\sin Q_1 + P_2)\frac{\alpha}{2}(\sqrt{2P_1}\sin Q_1 - P_2)\right]
This is my second expression

But repeating aligned does not work: enter image description here

  • Just repeated aligned as many time as you wish :-) of course, not in equation environment but in align or gather. – Zarko Mar 20 '16 at 14:25
  • @Zarko can you write this as an answer? So that the answer does not remain unanswered. Also, how do I align the equal symbols in different aligned environments? – Vladimir Vargas Mar 20 '16 at 14:29
  • How is the macro \Kam defined? – Mico Mar 20 '16 at 15:19

I need some time to figured out your equation, it is huge and wider than text width, so I give up with its simulation ...). With simplifying your equation I obtain the following result:

enter image description here


Kam & = \text{This is first line  of my first expression}\\
    &\qquad + \text{This is second line of my first expression}\\
    &\qquad + \text{This is third line of my first expression}
    & = \text{This is my second expression}

Main difference is that instead of equation I use align environment. If you more like to use aligned environment instead of split, just replace it accordingly. You will obtain the same result.

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