ShareLaTex is 'finding' several errors occurring at the line \end{tabu} I'm fairly new to latex and I'm struggling to spot what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated, here is the code:



\caption{316 SS comp.}
\begin{tabu} to \textwidth {X[.2,l] X[.1,l] X[l]}
\rowfont\bfseries {{Element} & {wt\%} & {Isotopic Abundance}} \\[0.20em]
\small{Chromium} & 17.00 & \ce{^{52} Cr}(83.76\%),\ce{^{53} Cr}(9.55\%),\ce{^{50} Cr}(4.31\%),\ce{^{54} Cr}(2.38\%) \\[0.2em]



You have to remove the braces in the title row spanning multiple columns:

\rowfont\bfseries {Element} & {wt\%} & {Isotopic Abundance} \\[0.20em]

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