I'm writing my report using LYX . I have to integrate bibliography reference. I would know if there is a package to add.

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Basic bibliography:

  1. At the end of your text, select Bibliography in the left drop down menu.
  2. Optional: Click the key-1[] gray box to add a label if you want a author-year citation style, as it should be showed (e.g, Smith, 1981).
  3. Write the full reference after key-1[] box.
  4. Press Enter to add the next references (key-2[]).
  5. In the main text, Insert > Citation ... or go to Citation in the toolbar and select the reference-s to include.

BibTeX bibliography (recommended):

  1. List item Insert > List/TOC > BibTeX bibliography ... .
  2. Add... > Browse Add the BibTeX database with the references (external BibTeX files with .bib extension): Use a program like JabRef to create/edit these references. Each reference should have a unique BibTeXkey (e.g, Smith1981).
  3. Left the style in plain at the moment. You can return to this dialog clicking in the generated BiBTeX Generated Bibliography gray box.
  4. Insert citations exactly as above (select BibTeXkeys asSmith1981 in the same way that you select key-1[], key-2[], etc.).

  5. Go to Documents > Settings ... > Bibliography if you want a author-year style or some others options. This dialog will add packages as natbib and the right options when needed.

Biblatex bibliography

That is probably the best option for experienced plain LaTeX users, but may be not for new LyX users. But since versión 2.3.0, Lyx have native support of biblatex in the same menu that above, so simply try it.

Add some biblatex to the preamble is still bit more complex that in plain LaTeX, but it is well explained in the link how to solve this.

  • Great , but when i have to add a netography , shall i use the same method. I don't find a URL web site reference key Mar 22, 2016 at 17:12
  • @SihemHcine What do you mean? I do not know what type of material could be your reference, but conventional type of publications (e.g. article) allow a optional URL field, and moreover with Jabref you can add references of type electronic, online, www and misc for less conventional type of publications.
    – Fran
    Mar 22, 2016 at 17:57
  • I mean when i refer to a website(URL) in my report how can i put it as a bibliography. What option should i choose. Mar 30, 2016 at 12:41
  • There are not "best option" but @misc entry is could be fine for you. See hereI and here for some examples of use and more options. Note that you can copy & paste a reference code (i.e., @misc{...}) directly in JabRef (in the most right tab of the edit window) for testing these examples.
    – Fran
    Mar 30, 2016 at 18:17

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