I have TeX Live installed on Windows 7. I need some additional packages. The computer sits behind a proxy, so tlmgr does not work. I couldn't find any mentioning of proxies in the tlmgr documentation. When I tried to search on the Internet, all the information I found assumes a Unix system.

How can I setup the computer to use tlmgr?


tlmgr uses one of two download methods: The preferred ones is LWP (Perl module), if that fails, it falls back to wget. LWP supports proxying, thus it should work (I cannot confirm it as I don't have a proxy running).

What you need is documented in the LWP manpage, but I copy it here:

       These environment variables can be set to enable communication
       through a proxy server.  See the description of the "env_proxy"
       method in LWP::UserAgent.

We already set enable proxies in the LWP instance, so it should be enough to set the http_proxy variable (and export it).

Incidentally (not really), wget evaluates the same variables, so in case the LWP method fails, also wget should use the proxy.

  • Under MS Windows open a command line and type set http_proxy=<your proxy settings>. Under Linus the same but with export instead of set. – Martin Scharrer Jan 10 at 7:34

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