I've MikTeX installation on my Windows 8.1. When I generate a PDF from a tex file using pdflatex command it generates lots of content in the corresponding log file from which it's hard to read errors (if there are any). I searched online but all the solutions I found (like this one) pertain to using tool other than MikTeX - and do not work when I try on my machine with MikTex.

If we can't make log file to write only the error message, is there any other way of outputting only the error messages to another file, say, errors.txt


The LaTeX build wrapper ltx2any may be a solution. It creates (aesthetical very pleasing) summaries of errors and warnings in different file formates, amongst them pdf and markdown.

From its webpage:

Aggregates error messages and warnings from all tools into a nicely formatted log (Markdown or PDF) with references to source files and original logs.

enter image description here

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