Is there a way to convert suffix to string? More specifically, i need to do something like this:

def myMacro (suffix a, b) =
    something.a = fOne(a);
    something.b = fOne(b);
    something.scantokens("somethingelse"&**suffixtostring**(a)&**suffixtostring**(b)) = fTwo(a,b);
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    that's what str does. – Thruston Mar 25 '16 at 19:11

Try something like this:

def your_macro(suffix a, b) = 
  something.a = 42;
  something.b = 64;
  something.scantokens("prefix" & str a & str b & "suffix") = 94;


show something.prefixpqsuffix;
% shows 94


Of course, if you want to assign some value of a non-numeric type to something you should declare it appropriately before trying to assign to it. For example, pair something[]; or string something[];

You also might want to think about the scope of the something variables.

  • Thank you! It works just fine. Actually, i tried str (as it was the only operator that looked appropriate to me in mpman), but i wrote it with brackets (str(a)) and it didn't work. – Sergey Slyusarev Mar 25 '16 at 21:45

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