I am using ShareLatex (I am new in Latex) and I want to include a UML Class Diagram. I found that tikz-uml package should fit my needs. However, I keep having the following error whenever I try to compile:

LateX Error: File 'tikz-uml.sty' not found

I tried to compile different examples that I found and all fail in the same line:


As a matter of fact, this Overleaf tikz-uml example obviously works there, but it doesn't in ShareLatex. Do anybody know why?



In order to use the Tikz-uml package, you will have to upload the package manually. This shouldn't be too difficult. First, you just need to download the latest release of the package from here:


You will have to extract the downloaded file (twice), then upload the tikz-uml.sty file to your ShareLaTeX project. After this, everything should compile perfectly.

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  • Can you update your answers working for local pc too? – alhelal Nov 3 '17 at 11:08

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