Itemize environment under the macro is not showing bullet. It's showing dash. Also, there is an issue with horizontal alignment. It's not aligned properly. I already fixed with by using \begin{itemize}[label=$\bullet$, leftmargin=*]. But I would like to know why it is happening? Thanks in advanced for all the help.

Here is my current result: enter image description here

Here is my MWE that producing this result:

 % List environment %
\begin{itemize}[noitemsep, leftmargin=0.9in]}{%
{\footnotesize #3}%

  {05/15 - 01/16}
  {Position 1}
  {Employer 1}
   \begin{itemize}%[label=$\bullet$, leftmargin=*]
    \item Task 1 
    \item Task 2 
    \item Task 3
    \item Task 4


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    entrylist makes a first level itemize, so the inner one is second level. – egreg Mar 26 '16 at 14:17
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